The Spencer Legacy


Jesse and Joyce Spencer, 1965

“I have never been able to afford a house, but Jesse Spencer has helped a lot of people,” he said. “When they asked me to testify, I thought, ‘Well what am I going to say.’ But then I thought, ‘Who would be against affordable housing?” -Jesse Spencer supporter during a hearing on the Waikapu Gardens Phase II project

Jesse Spencer moved to Hawaii in 1964 to build houses for working class families.  This locally owned family company has continued to serve the needs of the Maui community, providing quality homes that working families of Maui can afford.  Through their projects they have created hundreds of jobs, and most importantly, made the dream of owning a home a reality for hundreds of Maui County families.

“Jesse Spencer is a man with an impeccable track record on Maui. He is widely known and loved by all who know him. He provides high-quality, affordable homes for families that live here. And to sweeten the pot he also provides steady, dependable jobs for different folks who live here. All these families live here already, they already use Maui’s beaches, Maui’s highways, etc., etc.” -Letters to the Editor, Maui News


The Spencer Ohana, 2002

Four years after the completion of Waikapu Gardens Phase I, that legacy continues with our latest project, Waikapu Gardens Phase II.  To inquire about purchasing one of these homes please fill out our inquiry form.